'Love Returns' script reading takes place! [Love Returns]

# Drama 2017.10.27 View : 8204

The script reading meeting for the new KBS drama 'Love Returns,' which will air following the end of 'Lovers in Bloom,' took place, where the producer, director, screenwriter and the cast gathered to read the script together for the first time.

Pyo Yejin and Lee Sungyeol, who will play the lead roles Gil Eunjo and Hong Seokpyo, were completely immersed in their characters, as seen from their subtle facial expressions and breath. From the beginning of the drama, the two characters get on each other's nerves. The two actors portrayed such power struggle in a pleasant and funny manner.

Senior actors like Song Ok Sook and Lee Ah Hyun acted with great depth and stability, keeping the drama's balance. The young bloods added vitality to the drama.

'Love Returns' follows the life a woman who ends up losing everything after living a turbulent life. When she starts anew from the bottom, ironically, her life blossoms. The value that holds us together is not blood nor law, but rather love and affection between us.


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