'Mad Dog' Kim Minjun and Cha Hongjoo's first encounter! [Mad Dog]

# Drama 2017.10.27 View : 3114

Minjun approaches Cha Hongjoo, the executive director of Taeyang Life Insurance and daughter of president Cha Jungyu.  

Because Lee Miran's last words right before dying were "Taeyang Life Insurance," Minjun takes a look at the photos of the executives of Taeyang Life Insurance, and his eyes linger on Cha Hongjoo's photo. He says to himself, "She's pretty."

Minjun goes to the Taeyang Life Insurance's head office and bumps into Hongjoo's car on purpose.

Hongjoo thinks that Minjun did it intentionally, so she asks him if he wants to look at her black box camera. She introduces herself as the executive director of Taeyang Life Insurance. However, Minjun just hands her his luxury watch which had broken against the car, tells her to call him and disappears.  

[Mad Dog]

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