Nam Tae Hyun denies rumors about him dating Son Dam Bi.

# K-POP 2017.10.30 View : 4280

Nam Tae Hyun, a former member of WINNER, posted multiple video clips taken with Son Dam Bi on his Kwai account, which is a video dubbing application. The videos feature him and Son Dam Bi with their faces close together and showing affectionate gestures to each other.

The videos led to rumors about them dating, and he quickly deleted the videos and his Kwai account, but the videos have already spread through YouTube.

Nam Tae Hyun explained that there was a misunderstanding. He emphasized that Son Dam Bi is just a "close friend." He said, "The bunny filters in the app wouldn't show up if our faces were apart, so we had to put our faces close together."

He apologized to his fans for causing such misunderstanding.

Meanwhile, Nam Tae Hyun was previously also caught up in dating rumors with actress Jung Yeowon, who is a mutual friend of him and Son Dam Bi.

[Image source: YouTube]


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