'Hello' Seol In A's mother forced her to go on a diet since she was 15? [Hello, Counselor]

# Entertainment 2017.10.30 View : 14920

On tonight's episode of 'Hello, Counselor,' actors Oh Ji Ho, Do Ji Han, Seol In A and TV personality Park Seulgi appear as guests.

A middle school girl appears on the show and talks about her mother who forces her to go on a diet. Apparently, her mom doesn't give her any food unless she works out. The girl has to work out rain or shine. What's worse, her mom feeds her only three spoons of rice!

Seol In A says that she can relate to her story and tells us her experience with diet.

She says, "I began training when I was 15 years old. Since then, my mother strictly managed my body shape."

[Hello, Counselor]

Showtime : Mon 11:00 | Re-run: Tue 05:30, 10:30, 18:20 Sun 15:20 (Seoul, UTC+9)


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