Q & A with Lee Seung Gi who was discharged from the military.

# K-POP 2017.10.31 View : 4672

On the morning of October 31, Lee Seung Gi was relieved from his military duty. Check out the interview he had with the reporters below.

Q: Please tell your fans how you feel.

"Thank you for coming all the way here. I thought I would be able to sleep last night, but I wasn't, so I woke up early."

Q: How do you feel about being discharged?

"To be honest, I was sad about parting from the fellow soldiers, rather than being excited for being discharged."

Q: You were in the special forces.

"When I received the special forces' badge, at first I was surprised and worried if I would do well. But when it actually began, everything was fun and grateful. The saying 'Make the impossible possible' was right. I learned how to find pleasure even in extreme pain."

Q: When did time seem to go slow?

"Time dragged after 100 days in the military. It really dragged when I got to counting down the last 48 hours."

Q: How was your life in the military?

"I love the military so much. I think I will need to lose the military discipline quickly to be able to live as an entertainer."

Q: What are your plans?

"My mentality is even stronger. I've accumulated a lot of energy. I've never felt so full of energy in my life. I served in the special forces during the worst period, and it has been the best time ever. I plan to do a lot of activities. I will work so hard that my fans will get tired of seeing me on TV."


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