'Witch' Ideum fiercely confronts Jo Gabsoo at his law firm. [Witch at Court]

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In episode 7, Ideum searched for her mother with Jinwook. When she entered Chief Min's office, she saw the relationship diagram about 'Jo Gabsoo's sexual torture case' and found her mother's name among the victims. The fact that Jo Gabsoo was behind her mother's disappearance threw her into confusion.

Stills from tonight's episode were released. Ideum in dangeriously standing on the other side of the railing on the rooftop of Gabsoo's law firm. Her expression holds mixed feelings of rage, sadness and resignation.

Then, Ideum confronts Gabsoo on the rooftop. She is fuming with rage at Gabsoo with spiteful eyes. Meanwhile, Gabsoo doesn't seem shaken at all. He is whispering something in Ideum's ears with a nasty smile on his face. What does he say to Ideum?


[Witch at Court]

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