'Superman' William refuses give Hyuna a peck on the cheek! [The Return of Superman]

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William and Sam go to the broadcasting station to visit the set of Sam's drama. Sam's fellow actors are so excited to meet William. The actresses can't take their eyes off of William saying, "Oh my God, he's so cute."

When William is wandering around the station, Hyuna appears in front of him. She says, "When I heard that William's here, I came running from my waiting room in slippers."

William shakes hands with Hyuna and givers her a high-five. Sam tells him to give Hyuna a kiss on the cheek, and Hyuna waits to be kissed. But William turns away and waves his hand as if to say "Bye bye" to Hyuna!

William is such a superstar!

[The Return of Superman]

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