Jung Joon Young cherishes memory of Kim Joo Hyuk.

# Entertainment 2017.11.06 View : 7844

On November 6, Jung Joon Young shared a photo on his SNS and wrote, "My brother, I went to see him yesterday early in the morning. My beloved brother, rest in peace."

In the photo, Joon Young is hugging Kim Joo Hyuk  from behind. They are both laughing mischievously.

Joon Young added, "It still doesn't feel real. You will always watch over us with a smile from somewhere, I will think about you a lot. Thank you and love you so much. I have so much to say, and I will visit you again and tell you about it. I miss you, brother."

Jung Joon Young went abroad to shoot 'Law of the Jungle' on October 29. When he learned the news of Kim Joo Hyuk's death, he came back to Korea one day before the scheduled departure. On the following day, he visited the charnel house where Kim Joo Hyuk is placed.

[Image source: Jung Joon Young Instagram]


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