William's baby brother was born today! [The Return of Superman]

# Entertainment 2017.11.08 View : 12108

On November 7, Sam Hammington shared a photo of his family on William's Instagram and wrote, "Tonight's the last night for the three of us. We're going to sleep together in the hospital, and tomorrow there will be four of us in our family ~ Everyone in my family is so excited that we can't sleep! Only a few hours left till I see my little brother."

On November 8, Sam's agency stated, "Sam's second child was born around 9:30 a.m. Both the mother and the baby are healthy, and the couple is beyond happy."

The details of the birth of their second child will be revealed in 'The Return of Superman.'

Sam Hammington and Jung Yoo Mi got married in 2013 and gave birth to William 3 years later.

[Image source: William Hammington Instagram]



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