Block B members say they never talk about splitting because they're so close to each other.

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Block B held a press conference to introduce their 6th mini-album 'Montage' on November 7.

'Montage' is their first comeback as a whole group after 9 months since their single album 'Yesterday.'

Block B debuted in 2011, and when asked about the famous "7th year jinx" which refers to most idol groups splitting after 7 years, Block B's members shook their heads.

Jaehyo said, "We really never talk about [splitting] because we don't experience discord. We still spend a lot of time interacting with each other, so we talk about the album a lot."

U-Kwon said, "Since the present is more important than the future, we try out best in the present."

P.O. said, "We are so close to each other that we even talk about things like living together in a 2-story house in the future and our future children."

They emphasized that they made special efforts to break away from the convention that they are 'Zico and the kids.' The album is composed of 5 tracks, and although Zico produced 'Shall We Dance' and 'My Zone,' Park Kyung wrote 'One Way' and 'Like This.' 'Give & Take' is B-Bomb's solo track written by himself.

Zico said, "I had a lot of parts at the forefront when we released the mini-album 'HER' in 2014, but this time, I tried to reduce my part and distribute parts equally among the rest of the members."

U-Kwon added, "Other members are participating behind-the-scenes, such as choreography, music video, hair and outfit."

Block B said their goal during this promotion is topping the music chart, but they also added that they don't care as much about the ranks.

Park Kyung said, "Sometimes when the songs don't do well on the charts, the fans would feel sorry, but there's no need to be. We will show good performance and the fans should feel comfort from us. Please support us without minding the ranks."

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