Rumor of G-Dragon & Lee Ju Yeon's romance arises once again.

# K-POP 2017.11.09 View : 7090

BIGBANG's G-Dragon and Lee Ju Yeon, a former member of AFTER SCHOOL, were once again caught up in a dating rumor.

Recently, photos titled "G-Dragon and Lee Ju Yeon" were posted on an online community. The photos are screenshots of their SNS, and G-Dragon and Lee Ju Yeon's photos have the same background.

On November 3, Lee Juyeon shared a selfie on Instagram with a peculiar wall in the background. G-Dragon had posted a photo with the same background on his Weibo two days before.

Later that day Lee Ju Yeon shared a photo of her eating at a restaurant. On the same day, G-Dragon shared a photo of himself in a place with similar lighting and atmosphere.

They also enjoyed the same sports. On October 28, Lee Juyeon shared a photo of herself zip-lining. G-Dragon also shared a similar photo with the same background.

More photos seem to have been taken in the same place. 

[Image source: Online Community]

Previously, Lee Ju Yeon posted a video of her and G-Dragon on the app 'Kwai,' which fired up rumors of their romantic relationship.


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