'Witch' Son Dam Bi cameos for her best friend Jung Ryeowon [Witch at Court]

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On tonight's episode, Son Dam Bi will be interrogated and questioned in court by Jinwook and Ideum.

It is a well-known fact that Son Dam Bi and Ryeowon are best friends. Son Dam Bi sent a snack truck to the set to support her friend, and this time she is even making a cameo appearance as the principal character of episode 11.

Stills for the upcoming episode were released. Son Dam Bi and Ryeowon create an intense atmosphere in the courtroom. Son Dam Bi is a tough cookie. She is not intimidated at all by Ideum's charisma.

The staff said, "Even in the midst of a busy schedule, Son Dam Bi readily agreed to cameo on the drama for her friendship with Jung Ryeowon. Even though her character was not easy to interpret, she portrayed it so well that her acting will increase the immersion level of the viewers. Please check it out."

[Witch at Court]

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