Wanna One's choreographer explains that he didn't copy BTS's dance in 'Beautiful'

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Wanna One released their new album '1-1=0 (Nothing Without You)' on November 13. As soon as the choreography for the title track 'Beautiful' was revealed, some netizens claimed that part of the choreography was too similar to 'BTS's 'Beautiful.' The part in question is where the members pretend to dance with a woman.  

BTS- Beautiful

Wanna One- Beautiful

CJ E&M's choreographer Choi Young Jun, who designed the choreography of Wanna One's 'Beautiful,' denied the claims and explained how he came up with the dance.

He said, "When I was asked to develop the choreography for 'Beautiful,' I listened to the song and thought of a man and woman dancing together. I made the dance move based on the ball-room dance or couple dance in figure skating that we can commonly see."

He added, "When I received the guided version of the song, the song was titled 'Beauty and the Beast,' I'm guessing for security reasons. So I imagined the scene where the Beast and the Beauty were dancing happily and made the dance moves."

[Image source: BIG HIT Entertainment, Mnet]


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