Sian celebrates his 3rd birthday with his family and friends!

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Sian's mother shared photos of Sian's birthday party on November 14. It looks like Sian had two birthday parties, one at home with his sisters and a bigger one with his family and friends.

This photo was taken at their home, and Seola, Sua and Sian are posing in front of a chocolate cake. Sian's mom wrote in English, "Thank you very much for celebrating the 3rd birthday of our youngest child, the charming #Sian. #Sian will continue to grow healthy and bright and become a charming boy who shares his happiness with all~~♡."

Sian enjoyed a bigger party. Look at all the food and the awesome cake with decorations from Sian's favorite cartoon, Tobot! With this photo, Sian's mom wrote, "#3rd birthday #Congratulation #Sian is full of happiness. #Tobot cake #Thank you everyone."

Seola, Sua, Sian and their father Lee Dong Guk appear on 'The Return of Superman.'

[The Return of Superman]

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