BTS, SEVENTEEN, Block B & more send cheers to students taking 2018 Korean SAT

# K-POP 2017.11.23 View : 3855

The 2018 Korean college entrance exam (Korean SAT) is taking place on November 23. Many stars have sent message of support to cheer on the students who are taking the exam.

On November 17, BTS shared a video on YouTube. They said, "The SAT is coming up. All the students who are taking the exam, cheer up, fighting!"

IU also shared a video on November 12 in which she said, "I hope it will be a day without regrets. You will hear good results. Good luck!"

SEVENTEEN said in their video, "We would like to give you a clap."

NU'EST W said, "Warm spring always comes after a cold winter. So when the exam is over, let's walk on a warm spring road."

PRISTIN said, "No mistakes on questions you know, and make a good guess on questions you don't know."

AOA's Seolhyun wrote on Instagram, "You've gone through a lot! Don't get nervous and do your best, I'll support you."

AOA's Jimin wrote, "You've gone through a long journey. I will pray that all of you may achieve your desired outcome."

Block B wrote, "It's so cold nowadays, please take care of yourself and we hope that you'll hear good results!" 


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