Park Hanbyul is 4 months pregnant & legally married

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On November 24, actress Park Hanbyul revealed the fact that she is pregnant and legally married to a non-celebrity. She wrote, "Right now, I am a mom-to-be almost at my 4 months. Cyborg Mom is becoming a real mom."

"I have already registered my marriage with the dad-to-be, who is a kind-hearted man. We replaced the wedding with a simple family event, but if possible, I'd like to have one quietly next year."

Park Hanbyul's husband is a non-celebrity who works in the banking business. They have known each other for three years and became lovers in the beginning of this year. She found out about her pregnancy when her drama 'The Cyborg Mom' had just begun. She only let the PD know about it worrying that it might cause inconvenience to others.

Park Hanbyul plans to continue focusing on her acting career after giving birth to her baby.

[Image source: One Star Entertainment]


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