'Immortal Songs' DIA's member with most aegyo is Jung Chaeyeon? [Immortal Songs]

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The upcoming episode of 'Immortal Songs' spotlights the songwriter Park Hyun Jin's numerous hit songs. Park Ki Young, Son Seungyeon, Chaeyeon, Son Jun Ho, Kim Sang Jin, Koonzo, DIA, and Voiceper will compete!

DIA sings Park Sang Chul's 'Unconditional' along with a cute choreography. They have changed the lyrics around in a cute way to appeal to the judges.

After their performance, DIA says, "We were thinking about how to make our performance better and decided to change the lyrics in a cute way. Jung Chaeyeon, who is no.1 in aegyo in our team, was chosen to sing the changed part."

Stay tuned for DIA's endless charms and wits in 'Immortal Songs'!

[Immortal Songs]

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