Taeyeon involved in rear-end collision due to careless driving

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On November 28, Taeyeon caused a rear-end collision around 8 p.m. on a three-lane road in Gangnam. She was driving a Mercedes-Benz, and she bumped into the rear of a taxi in front of her, which bumped into an Audi in front of it.

The ambulance arrived about 10 minutes later and took Taeyeon to the hospital, who was complaining of chest pains. The driver of the Audi and two passengers in the taxi were also hurt and were taken to the hospital as well.

According to the police, the passengers in the taxi had minor injuries, and the driver of the Audi said he wasn't hurting, so they were sent home. Taeyeon was not injured either, so she returned home as well.

The police checked Taeyeon's alcohol level, and it turned out that she had not been drinking.

A witness of the accident testified that there was an unleased black poodle sitting on the passenger seat of Taeyeon's car covered in some kind of cloth. Police will investigate whether Taeyeon's dog had anything to do with the accident.

SM Entertainment stated, "Taeyeon's careless driving caused the accident. We are very sorry to the driver and the passengers of the other cars, and we will try out best to handle the accident." SM added that Taeyeon is resting at home, unhurt.

[Image source: SM Entertainment]


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