'Black Knight' Soo Ho & Haera drink wine in a romantic atmosphere! [Black Knight]

# Drama 2017.12.14 View : 3807

In the last episode, Haera unexpectedly found herself living in Soo Ho's guesthouse. The episode ended with Soo Ho's line, "So we're living together from today?"

At first, Haera thinks it's weird that she keeps running into Soo Ho, so she tries to look for a different home. Soo Ho is disappointed at the fact that she doesn't recognize her, but he doesn't give up on making moves on her.

Stills of tonight's episode were released, and they are drinking wine alone together at the guest house. They are talking in a comfortable atmosphere. Haera seems to have loosened up a little bit in front of him. What made her open up to him?

Meanwhile, Sharon spots Soo Ho by pure chance. Believing that he is the key to lifting her curse, she is determined to keep Haera as far away from Soo Ho as possible.

[Black Knight]

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