Song Ha Yoon from 'Fight For My Way' to play Lee Seo Jin's wife in new film

# K-POP 2017.12.15 View : 6385

Actress Song Ha Yoon, who played Baek Seolhui in drama 'Fight For My Way,' will be making a comeback in big screen with film 'Perfect Stranger' (literal translation).

'Perfect Stranger' is a black comedy film about four married couples who go on a trip together and decide to reveal all of their text messages and phone calls from their cell phones.

Song Ha Yoon will appear as Lee Seo Jin's wife. They will play a newly married couple. Other cast members include Yoo Hae Jin, Jo Jin Woong, Yum Jung Ah, and Kim Ji Soo.

Song Ha Yoon appeared in 'Sang Doo! Let's Go to School,' 'Nonstop 5,' 'Ghost,' and 'Sweden Laundry.' She made her name known with 'My Daughter, Geumsawol,' and reached the peak with 'Fight For My Way.'

[Image source: JYP Entertainment, Hook Entertainment]


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