Jonghyun's best friend EXO's Suho shows tears during curtain call

# K-POP 2017.12.21 View : 6514

EXO's Suho performed the musical 'The Last Kiss' on December 20, and he burst into tears during the curtain call. A staff said, "Suho must have been going through a hard time, but he endured it and performed well on stage. When he was saying good-bye to the fans during the curtain call, he burst into tears."

Suho and Jonghyun were very close friends. They had known each other since they were trainees for a long time, and they would rely on each other after debut. Suho paid visit to Jonghyun's funeral parlor on December 19.

EXO was originally going to release the winter special album 'Universe' on December 21. However, since the 21st is the date of Jonghyun's send off ceremony, the release date has been postponed to the 26th.

The send off ceremony was held at 9 a.m. on December 21. The burial site is private.

[Image source: SM Entertainment] 


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