Youn Son Ha to immigrate to Canada due to her son's bullying incident

# K-POP 2017.12.26 View : 3649

Actress Youn Son Ha has decided to immigrate to Canada with her family. She has already finished all the legal procedures for immigration and plans to fly to Canada soon.

This choice was made for her son, who was condemned as the perpetrator of a serious school bullying incident that occurred this year during a retreat for third-graders at a private elementary school in Seoul. According to media reports of the time, Youn Son Ha's son allegedly wrapped the victim in a blanket and hit him repeatedly with a plastic baseball bat. In another incident, her son and other students reportedly force-fed body wash to the victim.  

Youn Son Ha's agency immediately released a statement claiming that the reports had been exaggerated. She met the victim's parents and apologized on her knees, but the public did not forgive her, and her son was not able to continue his school life in Korea.

A close source of the actress said, "The reports were exaggerated. She was hurt by the indiscriminate criticism by many people who don't know the incident well. Her son's classmates know him well, and they know about the incident in detail, so they didn't look at him strangely. However, he wasn't able to stand the criticism and contempt from the students who learned about the incident from the news. Youn Son Ha was hurt a lot by this. She seemed to have no regrets about leaving the entertainment industry."

[Image source: CL&COMPANY]


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