'Jugglers' Yuni has hair-pulling catfight with 4 other jugglers! [Jugglers]

# Drama 2017.12.27 View : 7769

In yesterday's episode, while Yuni was doing a presentation about her boss Chiwon, his tragic family history was exposed. When Yuni played a video for her presentation, instead, a different video revealing Chiwon's past was played, and he fell into panic. Yuni said to him in tears, "Director, I didn't prepare this video. It really wasn't me." However, Chiwon passed out on the stage. Will Yuni be able to clear the misunderstanding and track down who did this malicious act?

The next day, Yuni is spotted having a hair-pulling catfight with other secretaries in a conference room. When the secretaries talk about Chiwon and his family behind his back, Yuni gets furious. The next thing that happens is that they come into a fierce fight. At one point, Yuni is on the floor and is getting beaten up by the others.

The upcoming episode will show Yuni and Chiwon's relationship deepen, so stay tuned!


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