ASTRO's Eunwoo was casted on the way to the restroom? [Immortal Songs]

# Entertainment 2017.12.29 View : 5249

This week's 'Immortal Songs' features part 2 of 'legend of rock Shin Joong Hyun special,' starring Yangpa, Rose Motel, Sonnet Son, MAMAMOO, Kim Yong Jin, Boohwal, ALi, ASTRO, Choi Seung Yeol and DK.

ASTRO's members reveal the story behind how they came to be idols. Moonbin says, "My younger sister is Sua, who appeared in 'Unpretty Rapstar.' Whereas I became a singer because my parents recommended it, my sister chose this way because she wanted it."

Cha Eunwoo says, "Someone followed me when I was going to the restroom and casted me. At the time, becoming a singer was not my dream. I had many dreams such as being a doctor, prosecutor, judge, etc."

[Immortal Songs]

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