EXO's Baekhyun apologizes for what he said about depression at fan signing meeting

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On December 30, during EXO's fan signing meeting, a fan talked to Baekhyun about her depression. At the time, in order to give courage to the fan, Baekhyun told her, "Honestly, I don't understand why people get depression or insomnia. I'm not criticizing it, though. You need to have good people by your side. I hope you can always smile looking at me and EXO's members." However, cropped portions of Baekhyun's statements spread online, and given the fact that his senior Jonghyun had died due to depression, his words were criticized as being rash and became a controversy.

On January 2, Baekhyun officially apologized on his Instagram.

Below is the full text of Baekhyun's apology:

Hello, this is Baekhyun. I would like to apologize for my statements at the fan signing meeting of December 30.

To be honest, I was very frightened by depression and hypersensitive these days. Then when I was talking to that fan at the meeting, I was so worried and suddenly struck with fear. I want to make my fans happy, and a fan signing meeting should be filled with joy, but the story that the fan told me was quite serious, and I felt rushed at the thought that I might never get to talk to her again after the meeting.

I wanted to comfort her the best I could, and since she said she liked me, I thought my words could help her, so I just wanted to quickly do something about it. Even after I finished talking to that fan, I was lost in that thought until the meeting ended. That's why I ended up using careless language in the process of telling that fan and other fans to cheer up even if they may be going through hard and depressing times because there are good people, and of course EXO, by their side. Even though I don't even have the ability to put my thoughts together and express them in a short period of time, I was too hasty in choosing my words. I regret choosing such language and vocabulary at the moment. I only wanted to comfort and cheer up [the fans]...

Even while I'm writing this, I'm afraid I might have made a mistake in my writing. But I want to sincerely apologize. I am sorry to the fan, and I'd like to say sorry to everyone who felt hurt by this matter. I will be more cautious about my words and actions from now on.

[Image source: Baekhyun Instagram] 


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