Kim Joo Hyuk's posthumous work 'Heungbu' to be released during Lunar New Year holidays

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On January 3, Lotte Entertainment announced that late actor Kim Joo Hyuk's posthumous film 'Heungbu' will be released during the Lunar New Year holidays in February.

'Heungbu' is a historic movie that tells the story of the genius writer Heungbu who gets inspired by two brothers and writes the 'The Tale of Heungbu.'

The movie is based on the imaginary premise that the anonymous author who wrote 'The Tale of Heungbu' is Heungbu himself, and that he wrote the novel in order to find his older brother Nolbu, whom he lost during Hong Gyeong-nae's rebellion when they were young.

Jungwoo plays Heungbu, the best writer of Chosun. Kim Joo Hyuk plays the nobleman Jo Hyuk who looks after the people of the country during the troubled times. Jung Jin Young plays Jo Hyuk's older brother Jo Hangri.

After he finished filming this movie, Kim Joo Hyuk passed away in a car accident in October of last year.

[Image source: Lotte Entertainment]


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