'Superman' Seungjae wishes for a younger sibling! [The Return of Superman]

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'The Return of Superman' will be back on air after taking a break for 7 weeks.

On the upcoming episode, Seungjae and his dad Jiyong go to Baekdamsa Temple in Mt. Seorak for a temple stay. Seungjae turns into a cute boy monk and attends etiquette lesson with his dad. In the class, there is a girl from a foreign country. When Seungjae sees her, he approaches her and says "hello" in English.

Later, Seungjae and his dad go outside and build a stone tower together. When Jiyong asks Seungjae what his wish is, Seungjae says, "Please let me have a younger sibling," and lays down a stone.

In regard to Seungjae's wish, Go Jiyong says during the interview, "I will discuss it with my wife and give it a try."

[The Return of Superman]

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