Introducing NEW KOKO Friends! Olia, Gu, Maftu, Anh and 刘泳伶!

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“Hiya! My name is Olia, and I am a 21-year-old Ukrainian who is way too interested in Korea :) I am the person who will introduce you Korean culture from different perspectives. With me, you'll get a chance to learn how to dress like your favorite Korean celebrity, and to learn Korean language through dramas; I will also make sure to update you on KBS highlights. I ask for your support, and let's be friends!”


“My name is Gustavo Callegari but you can only call me Gu! I am 17 years old and I am from Brazil. There are about 4 years that I really knew about Korea and since my first contact everything fascinated me, culture, music, language and the people. The KBS World has been part of this story since last year, when I got to know its programs, I participated in contests and I was always very well attended with the interaction of television with the international audience fascinating me. In this project I hope to go through several challenges and give my best, you can count on me. A kiss from South America, Brazil!!!”


"Hi, I'm Maftu from Indonesia. I'm 21-years old girl who fallin' in love with K-Pop. It's already 7 years since the first time I know about K-Pop. I always have much interest in journalistic, that's why I've joined KOKO Friends. As a Koko friend, I wish I can get new experience through this opportunity and can make a good and helpful media content to everyone who love K-Pop, Korean Show, Korean Dramas, Korean Culture and love KBS WORLD. Please support me and take care of me ^^"


"Hello everyone, my name is Bao Anh. I have been a K-Pop fan and a frequent viewer of KBS World. I love to spend some of my free time enjoying Korean dramas and TV shows and updating news about my idols. It's a really good means to relax. As a KOKO Friend, I hope to reach out to many other fans of K-Pop and share our mutual interests."




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