SHINee's 4 members to resume activities with Japan concert

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SHINee will be holding a concert in Japan in February.

On January 8, SHINee's four members revealed hand-written letters on the official homepage.

Minho said, "Though we don't know the right answer, we believe that this is the right answer, and we would like to keep our promise to you."

He continued, "Nothing can replace Jonghyun hyung, and we have a lot of concerns with regards to the quality of the concert, but we prepared it wholeheartedly with the thought that Jonghyun hyung will be with us in all our performance in the future."

Key wrote, "Thanks to many of you who worried for me, I've managed to pull myself together, and I'm trying to return to my daily life. We thought that Jonghyun hyung would have wanted us to make this decision, and that showing good performance while keeping our promise to the fans is what makes us SHINee."

Taemin wrote, "To be honest, at first I was not confident about the concert. But I wanted to keep our promise to the fans. Also, I didn't want SHINee's members to break apart."

Lastly, Onew wrote, "Thank you for being there and worrying for our beloved members, and I'm sorry for causing the fans to worry. I thought we wouldn't be able to do it. I thought we wouldn't be able to hold the concert either. However, when Jonghyun's mother told us to never give up, I decided that I need to work harder if only we could console those who miss Jonghyun and are in pain."

Jonghyun suddenly passed away last year, and the rest of the members are resting.

[Image source: SM Entertainment]


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