Cheng Xiao is a surprise guest on Dragon's Club! [Dragon's Club]

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On the upcoming episode of 'Dragon's Club,' Cosmic Girls' Cheng Xiao will make a surprise appearance.

In the teaser image, the five members are waiting for customers at their tented restaurant. Then, they are surprised to see an unexpected guest. It's Cosmic Girls' Cheng Xiao!

Cheng Xiao will pick which member she wishes to be her father, old brother and manager. Despite their age gap of 22 years, the members and Cheng Xiao boast a surprising chemistry.

In 'Dragon's Club: Overgrown Bromance,' Kim Jong Guk, Jang Hyuk, Cha Taehyun, Hong Kyung Min, and Hong Kyung In go on a naughty trip and break away from the routine of daily life and open up a tented restaurant on a beachside.

[Dragon's Club: Overgrown Bromance]

Tue 23:00 | Re-run: Tue 5:30, Wed 10:30 (Seoul, UTC+9)


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