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Annyeong ~ everybody. This is my very first article for our KOKO Friends.

Today I will talk to you about a show on KBS that just finished last month, Dragon Club – Overgrown Bromance. It is a reality show featuring the group of five celebrity friends who take an ever first trip together in twenty years of friendship.

The title of the show refers to the fact that the five stars of the show were all born in 1976, the Year of the Dragon: actors Jang Hyuk, Cha Taehyun and Hong Kyung In and singers Kim Jong Kook and Hong Kyung Min. Despite being friends for over twenty years, they had never starred together on a show due to conflicting schedules and decided to take a trip to Gangwon Province for six days and five nights to break away from the routine of daily life.

You guys, as a viewer, must be interested in seeing these favorite celebrities having fun and showing their true colors. Let’s see what make their trip not only a highly expected show but also a meaningfully charming trip.

If you are a travel lover and plan on having a trip with your friends, you can copy some tips from Dragon Club to make it unforgettable.

Tip 1: Do not have a plan in advance

The show started with hardly any detailed planning.  The five friends only decided on where they would be heading to, but no specific activities were discussed. They went on picking up each other very soon in a Monday morning just like that. However, what is unplanned is natural. They were able to enjoy themselves to their fullest.

Tip 2: Outdoor fun

Of course, you cannot call it a road trip without outdoor activities.

The Dragon Club did enjoy much fun since their destination is Gungchon which they describe like Disneyland with all sorts of stuffs. On the second day of their trip, the five friends go to the beach to make their wishes come true. Some members go fishing, and others try snorkeling. In the stills, the members are walking along the beachside in diving suits.


Tip 3: Cooking together

I believe there would be nothing more amazing than enjoying handmade dishes along with picturesque scenery while on a trip. Whether you are a good cook or a kitchen burner, you should try cooking with your friends. It is likely that you guys barely have any chance to cook for your friends, who are also ones of your beloveds. Once in a while you should feel the pleasure of cooking together and double happiness from the fruit of teamwork, a huge feeling of achievement will fill your heart. Who knows what new recipe can be invented.


Look at their teamwork’s outcome!

Tip 3: Play the old-days games

Relive some memories from your childhood with games you often played when you were little.

How long have you not played the traditional games from your childhood?

 Do you play jacks in your country?


Tip 4: Don’t forget to take a lot of photos

Nowadays, taking photos is a must, especially when going on a trip. These photos will become treasure someday. Though they are just in JPG format, they will help us remember of beautiful places we used to go to together, the atmosphere there, the wind and sunshine of that day. Moreover, why not upload these photos on your SNS to share with more people! They surely will get wowed at your energetic vibe. 

Tip 5: Share the inner words

Sometimes, you may have inner thoughts that you would love to share with someone. It can be concerns about family, feelings for each other or personal point of view on different matters. Since you are friends who are around same age, you can easily understand the way the other think. Some little chats will tighten the links between friends.


Kim Jong Kook - the only bachelor left in the group

Tip 6: Make it a tradition

Go on a trip together every year or biennially. Actually, the five friends of the show wanted to make this travel tradition for long but couldn’t.

Travel traditions are a great way to create lasting memories. They can also be small things, perhaps something quirky you do every trip you go on. Or something bigger, such as that annual visit to your favorite place every year. Whatever the scale, they’re guaranteed to add much more to the history of your friendship.




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