My Golden Life - A 'Romeo and Juliet' Remake

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**This is my own REMAKE of Episode 35 of My Golden Life! **



From the moment they met, they both knew that it was true love and they should be together.

But like Romeo and Juliet, their families were rivals for generations. The fight to maintain and strengthen the family business was prolonging. However, Arthur was willing to go through everything to be with Natália.

Days before moving, Natália agreed to meet with Arthur to give her last goodbye. During this time, she did not expect that this meeting would change the course of her life.

As soon as they met Natália noticed a wound in Arthur's hand, questioning him:

Arthur was distressed, but he could not hide the truth:

When he extended his hand, there was a necklace he bought to present with a special invitation.

"I was thinking of going to a place where we would be free to live together and we would not have to worry about the fight between our family"

Surprised by Arthur's request, Natalia asked herself why she should accept Arthur's invitation.
She thought that the idea was mad because running away with him would mean leaving everything behind, including her younger brother.

Arthur insisted on following Natália in the hope that it will change her mind.


Natalia continues to argue,










And right after receiving another surprise, Arthur says:



 Crying with emotion Natalia accepts and both are moved ... 




After this conversation, Natália and Arthur go to their houses to pack their bags...



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