How to Dress like Kim Ji Won in “Fight for My Way” / Olia Pylypenko

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I can recall watching my first Korean drama 4 years ago and thinking, “Wow, look at her dress… and her coat…oh my goodness, all of them dress so well!” I immediately fell in love with Korean fashion. At first, I tried finding the stores at which the original clothes from dramas were bought. I succeeded, but they were extremely expensive, and I simply could not afford them. I closed the websites and started brainstorming how I could become more stylish.

While watching dramas, I started noting how the characters are dressed, and then tried creating similar, low-budget outfits for myself in real life. With each day I was becoming more fashionable, and learned how to match different types of clothes better. Thus, starting from today, I will be sharing with you KBS drama-inspired outfit ideas. For each post I will take a KBS drama character, choose a couple of their outfits, and create similarly styled looks using clothes from affordable stores.

Our first fashionista is actress Kim Ji Won, and her character Choi Aera from “Fight for My Way”. Throughout the whole drama her style is simple, but at the same time stylish, and most importantly, comfortable. Let us dig into it, and look at the first outfit!

1. The very first set is casual, and at the same time funky. She is wearing a blue shirt with a long colorblock cardigan over, straight jeans with tassels at the bottom, white slip-ons, and the most comfortable canvas bag. I love this outfit for its simplicity; it does not feature any special pieces of clothes, but it looks so well put-together. 

For this look, I found an elegant blue shirt (30$), which goes well with the denim blue frayed hem pencil jeans (30$). I wanted to add a colorful cardigan, but then I stumbled upon this tricolor oversized one (47$), and thought that it actually fits good in here. I finished the set by adding light beige slip-ons (28$), and a canvas bag (25$) of the same color as I thought that the sun print looks adorable. I am sure that if you carefully look into your wardrobe, you will be able to create a very similar look!

2. The second outfit has more of an 80-90’s vibe. Kim Ji Won is dressed in mid-rise waist flared jeans with tassels, a long-sleeved shirt with stars print paired with a light-beige oversized leather jacket on top, some black wedges, and her regular white canvas bag. 

Putting a similar outfit was a bit challenging this time, but I still managed to find clothes that resemble the character, and fit the price. I went for traditional flare jeans from (40$), a long sleeve shirt that has stars print, and a cute bowtie on it (25$), deep beige zip leather jacket (70$), classy black creepers (47$), and a tote bag. You can easily wear this look to school/university, and also for a social gathering with friends.

3. Can we just take a second to agree on how Kim Ji Won absolutely slayed the trousers suit look? I think this is my favorite outfit out of all, as it is minimalistic, and yet so sophisticated. Baby blue trousers suit worn with a plain white blouse matched with yellow pumps, and, of course, with her favorite canvas bag. Many people think that to look feminine and formal a woman must wear a dress; Kim Ji Won has busted this opinion. 

To replicate this look, I found a classic, dark navy trousers suit (110$), put it together with a white blouse (13$), matched with a pair of yellow heels (37$), as I simply love this color combination, and added the same old canvas bag from the previous looks. I would definitely wear this outfit to a formal event as it would make me feel both comfortable and confident.

My last advice for you is the following – remember to check on your favorite stores’ sales, and even try to go thrift shopping; that way you can find the clothes you need for even cheaper than what I have presented.

That is it for today! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed working on it. Which outfit did you like the best? Which character would you like to see next? Let me know in the comments~~!


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