'Happy' Kang Daniel was on a diet & danced to 'Tell Me' in elementary school [Happy Together]

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Wanna One's Kang Daniel, Kim Jae Hwan, Bae Jin Young and Hwang Min Hyun, Whee Sung, Hong Jin Young and Sunmi will star on the upcoming episode of 'Happy Together- Sing My Song.'

Kang Daniel is filled with emotion when he sees his senior Sunmi, who is a former member of WONDER GIRLS. He reveals that when he was in elementary school, he used to dance to 'Tell Me' while he was on a diet. On the spot, Kang Daniel and Sunmi perform the 'Tell Me' dance, followed by the famous shooting dance of 'Gashina.' Their hot collaboration melts the studio!

Sunmi says that as soon as the music video for 'Gashina' was revealed, JYP called her. Stay tuned to find out JYP's reaction to Sunmi's huge success after leaving JYP Entertainment!

Meanwhile, Wanna One's Hwang Min Hyun confesses that MC Yong Man gave him a culture shock when he first appeared on 'Happy Together.' What could Yong Man have done?

Who will be the winner that gets to go home early, and who will stay till the end? Find out tonight!

[Happy Together]

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