'Battle Trip' is Back on Air with APINK's Chorong & Hayoung in Taiwan!

# Entertainment 2018.01.19 View : 6208

'Battle Trip' is back after 5 weeks of hiatus. The New Year's first episode will feature APINK's Chorong and Hayoung as the trip planners. Chorong and Hayoung have designed a 'medium-difficulty' tour in Taiwan, introducing unusual experiences that are not familiar to most tourists.

In particular, Chorong plans a 'healing' course that cures the body and mind, and Hayoung plans an 'activity' course filled with thrill and excitement. After they have finishing planning the trip, Hayoung says to Chorong, "I think my plan is better" and shows confidence.

Their trip to Taiwan must be amazing because as soon as the MCs finish watching the video of their trip, they say they're going to buy a ticket to Taiwan!

[Battle Trip]

Showtime : Sun 16:30 | Re-run: Mon 06:10 Wed 01:40 Sat 02:50 (Seoul, UTC+9)


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