Black Knight - I Love You 'Red Bean Bread'

# Drama 2018.01.22 View : 5612

Hello, everyone ^^ Today I want to talk about one of KBS World drama "Black Knight" this drama about A man with an innocent idea of love embraces a dangerous fate for a woman he loves. This drama staring 4 main cast.

The cast are:

  • Kim Rae Won as Moon Soo Ho
  • Shin Sae Kyeong as Jeong Haera
  • Seo Ji Hye as Sharon
  • Jang Mi Hee as Jang Baekhee

This Drama already aired 14th episodes, and I want to tell you all about my favorite scene from this drama on 12th episode. The scene about a lovely chemistry between this lovely couple Moon Soo Ho (Kim Rae Won) and Jeong Haera (Shin Sae Kyeong) >.<

I make a little story book about it, so enjoy it ^^

Black Knight aired every Thursday-Friday 21:50 and Re-run every Friday-Saturday 04:20, Sunday 13:00, 22:30, Thursday 11:50 (In Korean Standard Time)

 on KBS WORLD Channel! ^^


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