[The Secret of My Love] Episode 75 Story book: Haerim’s act | Captured by Bao Anh

# Entertainment 2018.01.23 View : 5788


KBS2TV drama series on Monday to Friday from 7:40 p.m. (KST)

Main cast:

Song Changeui as Han Ji-seob / Kang Jaewook

Kang Sejung as Jin Yeorim / Ki Seora

Kim Dahyun as Kang Inuk

Park Jungah as Jin Haerim               


Jaewook saw Haerim unconscious on the floor with Seora's presence there

Inuk came, too. He’s also shocked by the incident.

”It’s not your fault”, he reassured.

”To someone like Haerim, lie is not impossible, isn’t it?”

”Don’t ask your mother to suck eggs”


”Here she is, playing the victim again”

Seora is so kind.


But being kind doesn’t mean people will say nice words to you.

Misunderstanding after misunderstanding

Jaewook yah~, why don’t you listen to these two good persons just one time?

The problem getting more serious


The first thing he did after coming back to office


Just open it!!!!!

 You’re behind already, Inuk ah~!ㅠㅠ


Finally you've listened once! ~~


What you gonna do next, Jaewook?!



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