'Happy' Wanna One's Bae Jin Young playfully disses the members [Happy Together]

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On tonight's episode of 'Happy Together,' Wanna One's Bae Jin Young gives his honest descriptions of Wanna One members' personalities.

First, he describes Kang Daniel saying "He's like a child. It's easy to make him laugh. His sense of humor is different from mine. He'd be laughing alone about something when I don't find it funny at all." Kang Daniel admits this depiction without grudges.

About Hwang Min Hyun, Jin Young says, "Min Hyun hyung and I have grown closer lately, so he would go overboard sometimes."

Hwang Min Hyun says, "I like being physically affectionate with the members. I would pat him on the head because he's cute, and I guess he felt uncomfortable."

Jin Young complains, "He would pout his lips."

He goes on, "Jae Hwan hyung is old-fashioned. He's like a school principal."

Kim Jae Hwan makes a counterattack saying, "The members use the word 'mutiny' a lot. Despite our age gap, they treat me like a friend."

Lastly he disses Yoon Ji Sung, who's not even on the show. He says, "I don't feel awkward with anyone, but I talk the least with Ji Sung hyung. He talks too much, and I feel the generation gap between us."

[Happy Together]

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