'Superman' Good-bye, Rohee! [The Return of Superman]

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Eugene-Ki Tae Young couple and their daughter Rohee will say their farewell on the upcoming episode of 'The Return of Superman.'

The Ki family's first appearance on 'Superman' was in January 2016. After making good memories with the viewers for the past 2 years, the family have decided to leave the show.

When she first appeared on the show, Rohee was only 8 months old. She was cuddled in her dad's arms because she couldn't even walk back then. The viewers watched Rohee take her first steps, learn to speak, and get toilet trained. The baby angel who used gurgle and crawl around the house has grown up to become a child who can have a conversation with her parents.

To make their last moment meaningful, Eugene and Ki Tae Young open up 'Ki Cafe,' where Rohee turns into a cute barista. She takes orders with her mom's help. She doesn't even cry anymore even when her parents aren't around.

It was Ki Tae Young who always prepared surprises for Rohee and Eugene. This time, Eugene and Rohee prepare a surprise event for daddy.

Ki Tae Young leaves a heartfelt message to his daughter: "Remember how much daddy loved you Rohee, and he'll keep loving you. I'm not expecting to get anything back from you. I just wish Rohee grows up to be a healthy adult who can have good influences on many people. Thank you for spending a lot of time with daddy. Daddy loves you so, so much."

[The Return of Superman]

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