'Happy' Kim Sejeong wants to film a fried chicken commercial? [Happy Together]

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gugudan's Kim Sejeong aims to film fried chicken commercials with her killer aegyo.

In part 1 of tonight's episode of 'Happy Together,' actress Bae Hae Sun, Han Bo Reum, Lee Soo Kyung and gugudan's Kim Sejeong will continue with the 'Goddess' special.

In the still photos, Sejeong is showing off various facial expressions. She is pretending to be excited in front of an imagined steamy, freshly fried chicken. Then she pretends to eat a drumstick, with details in her fingers. Next up, she looks enraptured by the taste of the fried chicken. A moment later, she is pouting her lips with a sulky look. How cute!

Everyone is impressed by the fact that Sejeong took first place in 'Female advertisement model brand reputation' ranking. From electronics store to mobile game, beverage and website... she has dominated the advertisement industry! When asked, "Is there a commercial you'd like to film in the future?", she replies, "I want to do friend chicken commercials so bad" and shows facial expressions to catch the eyes of advertisers on the spot. She will also show the aegyo from her drama 'School 2017'!

Sejeong's aegyo inspires other guests and panels at the scene to show their version of aegyo. Stay tuned to watch the aegyo overload!

[Happy Together]

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