Hong Jinyoung's new MV features Seoeon & Seojun!

# K-POP 2018.02.08 View : 5729

On February 7, trot singer Hong Jinyoung came back with new digital single album 'Good Bye.' At the showcase, Hong Jinyoung said, "The music video was filmed by director Hong Won Ki, who films music videos for idols. I was probably his first trot singer."

She added, "Seoeon and Seojun appeared in my MV. You can see them playing around."

When asked how many views she'd like to achieve with the music video, she replied, "I hope it'll hit 1 million views."

'Good Bye' is a retro trot song with an addictive melody and lyrics. It talks about the emotions of a woman facing a breakup.

Check out the music video of Hong Jinyoung's 'Good Bye,' featuring Seoeon and Seojun!

[Image source: Music K Entertainment]


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