'Happy' Jeong So Young has so many haters because of Kang Dong Won? [Happy Together]

# Entertainment 2018.02.08 View : 4491

On tonight's episode of 'Happy Together,' actress Jeong So Young talks about the behind story of her kiss scene with Kang Dong Won.

Jeong So Young reveals that there is an anti-fan cafe against her. It surprises everyone because she seems so harmless and innocent. How could she possibly have enemies?

She says, "My friends told me that my anti-cafe had been made. It was because I filmed a kiss scene with Kang Dong Won." In the past, she appeared in drama 'Magic' and filmed a kiss scene with Kang Dong Won!

She adds, "I don't really go on the internet a lot, and I'm late on everything. So although I knew that Kang Dong Won was popular, I didn't know he was that big. At first, I laughed it off, but the number of the anti-fan cafe's members kept going up."

Jeong So Young gives her honest thoughts on being partners with popular actors such as Kang Dong Won.

[Happy Together]

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