'Hello' INFINITE's Sungjong ran away from home in his teenage years? [Hello, Counselor]

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On tonight's episode of 'Hello, Counselor,' singer Baek Z Young, DAVICHI's Lee Hae Ri and Kang Min Kyung, and INFINITE's Dongwoo, Woohyun and Sungjong will appear as guests.

One of the protagonists tells her story. She says, "I have an older sister who is 33 years old. She used to run away from home often from her teenage years. After she became an adult, she came home 5 times in a year. She would come back when she's out of money, and once she gets money, she'd leave again. She left us a ton of debt. The whole family is about to collapse. Please find my sister."

MC Jung Chan Woo says, "Since she's an adult, she's free to leave. But the problem is that she caused problems and doesn't show up." Then he asks INFINITE's members if they made their parents worry when they were young.

Sungjong replies, "I didn't run away from home, but I told them that 'I'm leaving' or 'I'm not coming back' and left." Baek Z Young says, "That is what running away from home is" and bursts out in laughter.

Sungjong adds, "I did tell them that I was leaving though." Baek Z Young asks, "Did you tell them where you were?"

Sungjong says, "I didn't tell them where I was." Baek Z Young says, "Then you did run away."

[Hello, Counselor]

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