Lee Joon's agency denies rumors of his suicide attempt in military

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Lee Joon's agency stated that the reports of his alleged suicide attempt is utterly groundless.

On February 12, a media outlet reported that Lee Joon attempted to commit suicide in the military, quoting a witness from the military. According to the report, Lee Joon allegedly showed his wrist to an army official, informing him that he had tried to commit suicide. He was then reportedly taken to the 'Green Camp,' an educational program for soldiers who are having problems with adjusting to the military.

On the same day, Lee Joon's agency Prain TPC stated, "We have verified with Lee Joon's family that the report alleging that he showed his wrist and said that he had attempted to commit suicide or that he was sent to 'Green Camp' is not true."

The agency continued, "Lee Joon's family is in shock after seeing the reports. We ask you to please refrain from covering such reports for the psychological well-being of Lee Joon and his family."                                                       

Lee Joon enlisted in the army in October of last year. He took first place in the training center, receiving commendation from the divisional commander.

[Image source: PRAIN TPC]


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