Wanna One 1st Fan Meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia / Maftukhah Carolin N.

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Hello everyone!! I’m back, long time no see!

Today I want to tell you about my first experience going to the Fan Meeting of the KPOP artist. 3 weeks ago I went to Wanna One 1st Fan Meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Wanna One is the boy band who made by survival program and being so popular this day, they got “Rookie Monster” nickname because they become so popular even when they just debut not for a long time. This time Wanna One doing Fan Meeting Tour, they visited few Asia country (Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Macau, Malaysia and Indonesia). For Indonesia, They will hold 1st Wanna One Fan Meeting in Jakarta (Indonesia) “Wanna Be Loved” on 21st January 2018 and the Fan Meet will be held at Hall 5, ICE BSD CITY, Tangerang (Indonesia). And now I want to share a little story from there when I went to the Fan Meet.

Finally, the day comes I really wait so long for this day haha I’m going by myself to the venue and when I arrived at the venue there are really lots of people come and It’s really amazing to see lots of people come to the Fan Meet

The Fan Meet itself lasted for 2 hours. On the Fan Meeting, Wanna One singing 7 songs (Energetic, Burn it Up, Never, Pick Me, Always, Beautiful, and Wanna Be), to open the show they’re singing “Energetic” and then followed by singing “Burn It Up”, “Never” and “Pick Me” there’s also a talk show session with fans, each Wanna One member reading a message from fans. After the talk show session end, Wanna One singing next song “Always” and “Beautiful” and then there’s a special event that Wannables Indonesia prepares to celebrate Lee Daehwi’s Birthday, Wannables Indonesia prepare a cake, and singing Happy Birthday song while raised Banner that have “Happy Birthday Daehwi” write on it after we celebrate Lee Daehwi Birthday together They give the last greeting to the fans, they tell the fan Thank you and hope they can visit Indonesia in near future and then Fan Meeting end by Wanna One singing “Wanna Be”.

A lot new thing happens there and it happened really fast without I notice it. Although I went alone I don’t feel like I’m alone there, apart from getting new experience to went on KPOP Artist Fan Meeting for the first time I got some new friends there, we getting along really fast because we talk a lot about Wanna One. It’s really exciting and happy experience

Hope someday we can see each other with this kind of experience KOKO FRIENDS


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