'Radio' Why did Dujun & Sohyun hide in the closet together? [Radio Romance]

# Drama 2018.02.21 View : 3224

In the last episode, Suho and Geurim successfully finished the live broadcast with heartfelt stories that touched the heart of many audience. Their past finally began to be unveiled, and as expected, they had met each other in their childhood. The episode ended when the two kissed each other on a snow-cover field.

Stills and preview of the upcoming episode have been revealed, and we can anticipate straightforward romance between Ji Suho and Song Geurim! For some reason, Suho and Geurim are hiding inside the closet. There seems to be someone in the room they must not see them together. Why would a radio DJ and writer be inside a closet instead of the radio booth?

Episode 7 of 'Radio Romance' will air tonight on KBS World. Episode 8 will air on Friday, February 23. Stay tuned!

[Radio Romance]

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