Kim You Jung to halt activities due to health problems

# K-POP 2018.02.26 View : 37109

On February 26, a media outlet reported that actress Kim You Jung recently had a medical examination because she wasn't feeling well. She was told that she needs to receive thyroid surgery. Considering that she needs a period of recovery after the surgery, she will be halting her activities for several months.

Recently, Kim You Jung was cast in a new JTBC drama. The script meeting has already taken place and the drama has begun filming, but it cannot be continued anymore. This does not mean that Kim You Jung will drop out of the drama or the drama is canceled. The staff is willing to wait a few months for Kim You Jung's return.

After recovery, the actress will come back to small screen with the said drama.

We pray for Kim You Jung's health and speedy recovery.

[Image source: sidusHQ]


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