“Battle Trip” Special – Youthfully local style traveling

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“Battle Trip” Special – Youthfully local style traveling

We, KOKO Friends 2, became Battle Trip reporters, introducing to you our most favorite places for traveling. And as you can see, my title said it all. I would very much love to present you guys a tour with a style that I and my friends, as Vietnamese young people, really enjoyed. I’m not sure to call it a coincidence or fate that KBS Battle Trip happened to make some trips to the same destinations. They are Danang and Hoi An. (In case you need it, you can watch all those trips on KBS World TV Youtube Channel).

First, for Danang, Battle Trip crews headed to Ba Na Hills while I will took you through another route, somewhere’s just 10 km from the city center to the Northeast called Son Tra Peninsula. The Peninsula is a perfect Get-a-way from Danang City to explore the narrow jungle roads by motorbike or hike through the Jungle in search for some exclusive wildlife.


Tips and reviews:

  • Must do on a motorbike
  • Breathtaking view from the mountain to the beach
  • Gorgeous and filled with adrenalin
  • Quiet beauty away from the City

Another destination of our choice is Cham Islands (Cu Lao Cham). Actually, Cham Islands are not in the territory of Danang but just a little over 30 km to the Southeast of the city. The beautiful offshore islands constitute a group of 8 small islands and are also recognized as Vietnam's national scenic site. Cu Lao Cham’s attractiveness is its wide variety of leisure activities in a picturesque and pristine setting. Facilities for camping, swimming and scuba diving are available. For those who are interested in marine life exploration, I would highly recommend you take a walking tour of the sea.  The corals and marine life are super worth it.


On the way back from Cham Islands, you would not want to miss Hoi An. The ancient town of Hoi An is a much more beguiling place to spend a few days, with its lazy river lined with mustard-yellow merchants’ houses, and beaches a few kilometres away. Yes, it’s touristy, but the old town is surprisingly extensive and can absorb a lot of visitors without losing its dreamy atmosphere.


Trips are not trips if you don’t try some delicious local dishes. Here are some information about the foods that appeared in the video above, plus some from my check list when you visit Danang – Hoi An:



You will be surprised that these foods and drinks are super cheap, as well as easy to find in every corners of the cities.

I want to show you more but it seems my article is too long already. Unfortunately, our trip should end here. Before saying goodbye, since this is a Battle Trip reporting, don’t forget to tell us your selection by comments and please look forward to other KOKO Friends’ articles, too. I believe they are well worth the wait.

Now, bye bye!






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