Getting one question wrong is the same as getting a 0?! [Hello, Counselor]

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Tonight's guests are Han Young, Kim Saerom, rapper DinDin, and Weki Meki's Doyeon and Sei!

A girl in 4th grade appears on the show and says that her "life is so hard" because of her mother. She recites her daily schedule. When school is over at 3 in the afternoon, she has to go to piano lesson, after-school academy and essay class.

When the girl says that she gets gimbap from a convenience store for dinner because of all her lessons, the audience is shocked. But her day isn't over yet. Once she comes home at 10:30, she has to read a book in order to be able to eat dinner. She's busier than most of us adults!

Her mother is present at the studio, and she seems shameless. She asks, "Isn't everyone like this?" She adds that she wants to make her daughter take more lessons in math and Chinese characters.

The daughter says, "I got one question wrong on a recent test, and my mom told me that 'getting one question wrong is the same as getting a 0', and I was upset."

DinDin responds, "Then you need to show your parents what getting a 0 really is."

Weki Meki's Doyeon tells her mother, "I think you consider your daughter to be your property. Your daughter has her own life, yet you are forcing your lifestyle on her." Doyeon bursts out in tears while saying that.

Will the mother realize what she's been doing is no different from abuse? Let's tune in and see!

[Hello, Counselor]

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