The most famous avenue in Brazil !!! (Special "Battle Trip")

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KBS proposed a challenge to present a place to know in the style of the program "BattleTrip" and I could not stop thinking about the most famous avenue in Brazil, Pauista Avenue.

The avenue, one of the main attractions of Sao Paulo and Brazil, is full of diversity, culture, art and without a doubt one of my favorite places in the city. On Sundays it is closed and there is no car circulation, allowing the population skating, cycling and walk.

Street performers, singers and actors use the space to show their talent and entertain the Sunday of the people who go to the avenue. This creates a very fun environment with great energy, being an ideal ride for not only adults but also children.


For those who like museums and bookstores the avenue has the MASP: São Paulo Museum of Art which is one of the country's main and always receives exhibitions from all over the world and also with the Culture bookstore you will love.


Masp: São Paulo Museum of art

Culture bookstore

Besides all this it is also a place for those who enjoy a good gastronomy, having restaurants and snack bars with varied menus pleasing to all.

As an indication I could not stop talking about the Paulistanas pizzas that I love, so if you too did not miss to know 'O Pedaço da Pizzq' which is a very well known pizzeria and considered by me the best !!


If you intend to come to Brazil, do not hesitate, no matter where you are, make sure that the city will welcome you in the best way and I hope to have it shown in this article.

Besides the article and the images I did a video presenting the place and showing the experience that is to spend a day there. I hope that through it you can really feel the good energy of the place and get excited as I do when recording this for you. I hope you enjoy it and do not miss the video below !!!




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